ASPP-03-Aquamarine-Pigment Powder-AO Color Cosmetics


ASPP-03-Aquamarine-Pigment Powder-AO Color Cosmetics

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Atiqa Odho-ASPP refined pigment powders are formulated by ISO Certified Foreign Manufacturers. They are easy to carry in a solid mini glass bottle. They come in different hues and can be mixed with other colours to match any shade you desire. The texture is light, powdery and soft so application is gentle and easy. The result is beautiful and glamourous. They may be used as Eyeshadows, Face & Body Highlighters, Lip & Hair Shimmers to add a touch of glamour to any look.

Key Features:

Shimmer Powder
Refined Pigment
Easy Application
Apply Dry or Wet
Day & Evening Wear


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